Bobby Bechtel – Chairman of Hope Foundation of Kenya, holds a Master’s Degree in Intercultural Studies from Baptist Bible Graduate School of Theology and a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Liberty University. Bobby has extensive experience working in Kenya with the Hope Foundation and is familiar with customs and culture after living there for 11 years. He has been with the Hope Foundation of Kenya since its beginning and is proficient in each of the ministries and programs it runs and maintains.  


Bobby has a deep desire to help national pastors reach their full potential.  He actively promotes Pastor Discipleship Training Seminars to give rural pastors the tools needed to be successful in ministry.  In order to reach as many people as possible, Bobby instills in the national pastors the need for community projects and development.

Bobby travels around the United States promoting the ministry and seeking church and corporate donors as well as individual child sponsors.  He makes several trips to Kenya each year to continue growing and expanding the ministry.

He is married to Lisa Bechtel and they have three boys, Ethan, Conner and Dylan.

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Allan Owano – Vice President and CEO of The Hope Foundation of Kenya offices in Mombasa owns and administrates 3 very efficient companies in Kenya and is a knowledgeable businessman.  Allan has a Masters of Theology from the Bible University of Ghana. He administrates the Hope Foundation of Kenya and its programs.

Allan leads the daily operation of the Hope Foundation and it's projects. He ensures that all monies transferred to Kenya are being maintained according to the Kenyan laws, statutes and the policies of the Hope Foundation. Part of this financial duty is oversight of each project's budget. 

Evelyn is married to Allan Owano and enjoys taking care of their 3 children.  She also gets great joy out of being a pastor's wife and ministering to the women and children in their church and reaching out to their community.

Allan pastors the Injili Baptist Church which has an average attendance of 700+ each Sunday and is making a substantial impact in the community.  He is married to Evelyn Ogada and together have 3 beautiful children, Valerie, Hedaya and Benjamin.

with our Kenyan staff and teachers to teach and promote the use of technology in the offices and classrooms. She enjoys working for the Hope Foundation from her home office so she can spend time with her 3 wonderful boys. She is passionate about helping people break out of the cycle of poverty and see them become all that God has made them to be.

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Do You Have Questions About God?

The story of what The Hope Foundation of Kenya does and what God has done in so many lives can be summed up by the video link below.  If you do not know God or want to know more about Him, watch this video and feel free to email us with questions.  We will be happy to talk to you about how God can radically change your life and how you can find eternal life in Him.  

About Us

Evelyn Ogada – Secretary of Hope Foundation of Kenya, and Head Mistress of Valerye McMillan High School, has a degree in Secondary Education from Moi University, specializing in English and Social Studies.  Evelyn keeps the minutes and records for The Hope Foundation of Kenya and the projects it starts and maintains.

Evelyn is the Education Director of Hope Foundation in Kenya where she is responsible for maintaining a high standard of excellence in the schools and ensuring that they improve each year. She oversees and evaluates all the 800+ students, and teaching staff at the schools to make sure they maintain our high standards and follow our procedures and guidelines.  

Lisa Bechtel - Treasurer, has a Bachelor’s degree in Intercultural Studies with minor in Business from Baptist Bible College.  Lisa keeps the financial records for The Hope Foundation of Kenya and the projects it starts and maintains.  She processes all the child sponsorship and project donations and maintains the communication between HF and is donors and sponsors.

As the technical manager, she oversees The Hope Foundation website and the student and sponsor database system. Lisa liaisons