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The Hope Foundation of Kenya is a 501c3 Organization registered in the US and Kenya.  We help children who have no hope to be able to get the food they need and get a great education so that they no longer have to worry about where their next meal will come from.  Our goal is to demolish the strongholds of poverty by giving education, food, medical care and spiritual guidance.  Only through this will people be able to have the HOPE they so desperately need.

~ The leading causes of death in children in Kenya are malnutrition and preventable diseases.

~ Many families survive on what they can find in the trees.  They have been known to eat

    butterfly larvae, spiders, insects and spiderwebs because that is all that can be found.

~ In most cases in the villages of Kenya, families survive on what they can grow.  The past 5

    years in Kenya it has either been drought or excessive rain causing the gardens to fail.

~ Hope Foundation of Kenya provides over 2000 good nutritious meals per day for children

    ages 2 years old all the way through high school.


Most families in the village and slum areas of Kenya live on less than $5.00 a month.



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