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Sustaining Member Donation

Becoming a Sustaining Member means your donation will be designated to Hope Foundation of Kenya Ministries.  It will be put to use wherever it is needed most across our many programs with the needy in Kenya.  Your monthly or yearly pledge will automatically renew every 12 months or each  month depending on how you set it up. If you pay by credit card, debit card or bank account, your donation will automatically process and your membership will automatically renew.

Suggested Gift: $25 a month ($300 annually) 

Freshwater Wells 
The burden of collecting water falls on the women and children of a village. Many have to walk miles to the nearest source which might be a stagnant pool or polluted river. The Hope Foundation of Kenya is working with local Kenyan churches to solve this problem by digging, providing pumps and helping to maintain wells around Kenya. Costs range from $3,000 for a hand dug well to support several families to $10,000 for a deep drilled borehole to give water for a whole community. Pastor Allan said, "Giving water is a great tool for evangelism in our Muslim community. People literally come right up to the gate of our ministry and we get to share about the Living Water."

Suggested Gift: $3,000 

God's Word in Swahili
Most believers in Kenya do not own their own copy of the Bible in their own language. If we want people to trust in Jesus and to grow as disciples, it is important for them to have a personal copy of His Word to study at home. To give a Bible is to give a gift that will bring eternal returns. Each Bible only costs $10.

Suggested gift: $10

Mosquito Nets
Each year, thousands are infected with malaria by one little mosquito bite. Nearly 90% of the lethal cases of malaria concern children. Through our local network, the Hope Foundation of Kenya can train and distribute bed nets treated with natural insecticide. The cost to save a life is only $10.

Suggested Gift: $10

Train and Equip a Pastor Evangelist
The goal of the Hope Foundation of Kenya is to build up the body of Christ while we meet physical needs in various communities. In order to do that, we partner with two local Bible schools that train pastors. We believe that these local men of God who already know the customs, language and traditions of their village are the most capable person to reach their communities for Christ. The program is a 3 year course load where students learn doctrine, and are taught how to run and grow a church.  For $400 you can provide training a pastor for 1 year of the course. He will leave Bible school with a deeper understanding of God and the tools to reach people with the truth of God's love.

Suggested Gift: $1,200 per 3 year course or $400 for 1 year

Bikes for Pastors
Many pastors walk miles from their home to their churches, to visit church members or to shop in the village center. Many travel by foot to other remote villages to start new works. The Hope Foundation wishes to help by providing bicycles for these pastors. For $150, we can provide a rugged bicycle capable of handling the rough terrain.

Suggested Gift: $150

The Hope Foundation of Kenya has an on-going commitment to aiding Pastors to acquire land and build simple church buildings. For as little as $10,000 you can help give a permanent place of worship to a rural church in Africa. These open air structures are a great starting point for a village congregation who can then raise funds to complete the buildings and have real ownership of the final result.

Suggested Gift: $10,000

Legacy Fund

A Legacy Fund is an endowment for the Hope Foundation of Kenya, Inc. that will help it to keep it moving forward into the future. Your donation of money or property to The Hope Foundation of Kenya, Inc. will be added to its endowment account resulting in investment income for the ministries. The Hope Foundation endowments will be designed to keep the principal amount intact while using the investment income for charitable efforts. It's a wonderful gift that keeps giving FOREVER!

Suggested Gift: $1,000

Bechtel Travel Fund

The Hope Foundation of Kenya is committed to helping our missionaries grow the projects we fund by visiting churches and organizations to continually raise the funds needed for the ministry.  All donations to this fund will be used to supplement travel expenses for those purposes.

Suggested Gift: $100


*The Hope Foundation of Kenya is a registered 501(c)3 organization in the United States as well as a registered non-profit foundation in Kenya, Africa.  Each donation given to The Hope Foundation of Kenya is tax deductible to the donor and a receipt will be given.