I say thank you more than a thousand times, and I pray God will bless you more and more for supporting and sponsoring us.  Thank you and may God give you much more time on earth. I love you!"

Halima (Angel) - Junior, Valerye McMillan High School

"It was like a miracle for me to come to school.  I was giving up because my parents did not have money for school fees, so I was just at home watching all of my school mates going to school.  But God did not forget me.  When I came to Valerye McMillan High School, I was happy as ever because God knows me.

I thank all the people that cooperated to make things to be good for us.  My gift to them is to pray for them so that God may bless them."

Lucy - 7th Grade, New Life Academy

"In our school we have a big dining hall.  Our sponsors provide us with shoes and a uniform.  Our visitors buy for us things for playing like balls and toys. They provide us with water, electricity, and nice school supplies.  We do not have to pay fees to come to our school.  

The medical team checks us when we are sick and they treat us so we can get better.  I am happy because I was sick and now I'm fine.  Our visitors are so friendly."

Do You Have Questions About God?

Colton - Volunteer for 1 Month

"I've seen nothing but great things in the schools and churches here.  I feel like I've taken more in the way of experiencing the love of God in Africa than I've contributed, but one thing is certain: my horizons have been broadened.  

As for the schools and feeding centers: Wow! They are an undeniable, resounding proof of what God can do when we let Him. I can't wait to share the stories of God's power in Africa.  May He continue to work in mighty ways!"

The story of what The Hope Foundation of Kenya does and what God has done in so many lives can be summed up by the video link below.  If you do not know God or want to know more about Him, watch this video and feel free to email us with questions.  We will be happy to talk to you about how God can radically change your life and how you can find eternal life in Him.  

and a lack of education. His redemptive nature is changing entire villages for generations to come. He is placing His HOPE within hundreds of lives, including mine through The Hope Foundation. 

I truly believe that deep inside we all want to make a difference in this world. What better feeling than when you have done something for someone who may never be able to repay you? How great does that feel? For me, it is better than the most expensive gift a person could give to me. Those children gave me a gift that I can never repay. The love they shared with me, their sincere and caring looks, the warm heartfelt hugs, the way they reached out to hold my hand that reminded me how I should really live and where my values should lie. I can never thank them enough…

My gratitude for having the opportunity to work alongside Kenyan’s and the Bechtels is beyond what words can express!

Justin - Sophomore, Valerye McMillan High School 

"Before I joined this school, I was facing many challenges, especially with school fees and money for lunch.  After I came, I am happy because on the first day I was greeted and welcomed. I didn't believe my eyes because I was given books and pens.  I was ready to learn. 

I appreciate the way our teachers teach us.  The whole management for their efforts, and I thank God for this because He's the one who did all this.  I really enjoy my studies in this school and I am sure that I will gain more knowledge."

Leah - 7th Grade, Good News Academy

"Before my sponsor came into my life, I was not yet a Christian.  I did not get education and I did not know how to read and write.  Since I got a sponsor, I have experienced a new life in Christ, I have a place where I can read and write, and also get knowledge. That place is my school.

Micky - 2015 Graduate of Good News Academy
Surely The Hope Foundation has brought joy to many kids in Africa!!! They have given education, food, clothes and health!! In place of the 2015 candidates, I take this opportunity to thank The Hope Foundation sponsors. In one spirit we say "Thank you very much for your support." We love you deep from our hearts! I am glad to write to you I feel overwhelmed with joy and am proud to be connected to you! I thank you all for taking me to high school. I promise to work hard and make you proud here in Kenya! I believe there is a place for you in Heaven!  Welcome to Majaoni a small village of peace!

Kristen - Volunteer for 1 Year

God blessed me with the opportunity to work with The Hope Foundation in Kenya, Africa. My life has been enriched and changed forever.  The children I spent time with and the friendships that were cultivated have captured my heart. I long to be there even now. 

I have seen the lives that have been changed through these centers. I have become friends with, hugged, sang in worship, prayed, cried, and rejoiced with students and staff that have shown an undeniable gratitude that their lives will also NEVER be the same. This is an eternal change for us. God’s light is shining brightly, driving out the darkness of life without Him, poverty,